The True Cost of Eczema

While the word eczema can evoke many different thoughts and emotions, there is usually one common thought to which everyone agrees… that eczema can significantly impact your and your close family’s quality of life. 

If you, or a close relative or friend, suffer from eczema, by now you are aware that  the financial burden of treating eczema could range from $1,000 - $30,000 per year for topical medications and treatments.  Yet, this out of pocket cost does not really account for the collateral intangibles, such as lost time visiting doctors, pharmacies, reading “how-tos” online, hours comforting the lesions, learning new cooking and dieting techniques, sleepless nights, and time out of work. And then there is the embarrassment. 

We at POMEGA have had some really positive feedback from users of our skincare brands.  

Adult Pomega5 users informed us that before they were able to control their eczema with our products, they were simply too embarrassed to leave their homes and go about doing their routine because of the associated discomfort, and when they did leave their home, they had to resort to covering the eczema with long sleeves and pants so that people wouldn’t see their lesions.  We heard from another user that come winter, she would often miss 3-4 days of work each month because her lesions were too painful to manage, and she was uncomfortable around her colleagues. 

These stories are even more prevalent (and painful) when your children or babies are the ones suffering from pediatric eczema.  A young mom once told us that “she knew it was a good night” when she woke up and there was no blood on the walls. She said it was common for her young son to use the texture on the walls to itch his eczema patches. 

Some of the most alarming reports we hear from moms and dermatologists are about the bullying these children endure before they even turn into teenagers. Like when a kid was mocked by his friends and told that his skin was disgusting and that he should never come to school again. Other kids refused to sit near him because they thought his patches were contagious. Words cannot describe the emotional impact this young child (and parents) had already endured.

We feel so much empathy for these children (and parents) because most of us on the Pomega5 team either have compromised skin or have children with compromised skin. 

We were there when the doctors advised us to use topical steroids and oatmeal baths to heal the eczema in our kids. The few days of relief were great until the flare quickly returned, often worse than before. We were there for the multiple follow-up visits that ultimately kept us in the same place- trying various medications and lotions and failing.  The time and stress involved were incalculable. But that was just one side of the pain and frustration. As we have struggled to learn how to manage the eczema itself, we also had to deal with the second side, that is, to learn how to manage the child’s emotional and mental well-being, and behavior with relation to the painful patches. How were we supposed to stop our child from itching? This stress for a parent, and the parent-child relationship, have no price tag. We have been there for those days, too. 

Pomega5 was created by a mother of 3 who suffered for most of her life from compromised skin related to an autoimmune condition, the kind you cannot shake off or cure. After much research and trial-and-error, she created Pomega5 to help restore her skin and keep it from flaring, and also to restore and protect the skin of her own children. Our brands are currently being used by infants, children, teens, adults, and the elderly to provide relief and restoration to skin in even the most compromised state. 

While we make no claims, we have noticed that Pomega5 users often comment or report to us that after applying our skincare, their skin feels immediately soothed upon contact, and their patches begin healing within a few days. They also report that the length of time in-between flares is extended with daily use of Pomega5 Healing Cream.

At Pomega5, and with the exposure to thousands of users, we totally get it that the true cost of social impacts, emotional impacts, and mental stress have no price tag and that they deserve, and must be, acknowledged and handled, just as much as any physical lesion. That’s why Pomega5 is your true partner in managing compromised skin. Check out our products, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We, at Pomega5 are committed to supporting all Pomega5 moms and users by providing you one less thing to worry about. With only the purest, organic or Ecocert certified ingredients, formulated without chemicals, fillers, or preservatives, you can finally rest comfortably at night knowing that you have chosen the safest, most effective non-steroidal skin solution for you and your kids, so that you can focus on enjoying your family time.

Does this reflect your experience? If so, let us know your thoughts!

With so much love,

The Pomega5 Team