The Pomega5 story begins with Tzeira Sofer, a mother and visionary on a quest to find plant and food-based remedies to address her and her family’s sensitivities. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Tzeira drew inspiration from watching her grandmother create recipes in the kitchen. This initial schooling fed her passion for advancing women’s health causes and eventually resulted in her opening a wellness clinic.

Having shied away from traditional beauty products for years due to her sensitivities, Tzeira now drew on her training as a nutritionist and her love for natural ingredients to begin developing her own creams based on this miracle oil from the pomegranate. She followed her culinary intuition, preparing each formulation as she would a sumptuous recipe, hand selecting the freshest botanicals and adjusting combinations over time to deliver the perfect sensory experience. And thus, her Recipes for Skin philosophy was born.

Meet the Team

Tzeira's Discovery

She knew she had discovered something special which had to be shared

A discovery

The ingredient that changed it all

Often learning about new therapies through her work, Tzeira one day came across an ingredient - pomegranate seed oil - which delivered results unlike anything she had seen. Following only a few applications she witnessed years of skin damage and irritation begin to disappear!

With the help of Dr. John Mathias, an expert in fatty acids and women’s health, Tzeira defined pomegranate seed oil as an Omega 5 fatty acid. Its unique triple double bonded structure, they discovered, is what imbues the molecule with unmatched bioactivity and anti-inflammatory potency. Realizing that Omega 5 is in fact a technology – a delivery system for nutrients to the skin – Tzeira began formulating products with the miracle oil.

Medical Acceptance

Clinically Validated

It was not long before the medical community took notice. Today, scientists, biochemists and renowned dermatologists have joined Pomega5’s mission, resulting in continued investigation through clinical trials and publications.

A Special Thank You

We owe our gratitude

Tzeira would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to those who contributed over the years: Dr. John Mathias, Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, Dr. Mitchel Goldman, Dr. Philip Lansky, Dr. Corinne Szilagyi, and Dr. Douglas Wu.