Glycolic Acid

Alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane and certain fruits. Exfoliates, treats fine lines, pigmentation, and scars, boosts moisture content, increases collagen and elastin synthesis.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Cold-pressed from the seeds within the juice-filled arils. Rich in rare Omega 5 essential fatty acid. Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, promotes cell renewal, stimulates collagen production, protects against sun damage, reduces redness, heals irritations.

Yarrow Extract

Contains natural salicylic acid and tannins. Mild astringent, anti-inflammatory, soothes, cleanses, tones, promotes circulation, stimulates regeneration of damaged skin cells.

Arnica Extract

Anti-bacterial, calms inflammation, reduces pain and swelling, stimulates circulation, regenerates skin tissue, commonly used to treat wounds, acne and skin disorders.

Bearberry Extract

Antioxidant and astringent. Cleanses, protects against and reverses sun damage, whitens, lightens, soothes and repairs irritated skin tissue.