On January 3 of this year I was admitted to the burn center at St Francis Hospital for four days being treated for extreme chemical burns to my de´collete´ and arms from a reaction of a body peel done by an esthetician. I ended up with second degree burns covering a good portion of the areas that the peel was done and the outcome was large red patches of very sensitive skin that I had to protect from the sun completely. I lost the melanin in those areas. I was told by the plastic surgeon whose care I was under at the hospital and a dermatologist that I may recover but there would be no guarantee. The most important factor was to stay out of the sun and protect my skin. I happened to run into the founder of the company who is an acquaintance of mine. In conversation, I explained my accident and she mentioned that I might consider participating in her study as a burn patient. On April 15, I started using the Pomega MD products and have seen dramatic improvements to my skin, not only on my de´collete´ and arms but also on my face and neck. The damaged skin is noticeably less red and it appears the melanin might return to the damaged areas. The difference was dramatic almost from the onset of using Pomega MD. My skin in the treated areas looks moist, creamy and even in texture. I have had many treatments done by my dermatologist that has kept my skin very youthful but the Pomega MD products has contributed to smoothing out my fine wrinkles, tightening up some loose areas around my jowls and lightened the redness on my neck dramatically. My skin is plump and moist. Many people have commented that my complexion looks exceptional from estheticians, friends and strangers I don’t even know who walk up to me. I would recommend PomegaMD without hesitation for burn therapy as it has made such a difference in making me feel better about my unfortunate experience. I love the way I feel and look on my face, neck, arms and de´collete´. Thank you.



Emily is a pediatric client who struggles daily with her atopic dermatitis. These dry, red patches are very sensitive and cannot be treated topically with ingredients typically found in over the counter skin care treatments. The main priority of her parents is to provide comfort, stop the itching and burning sensations, and to help restore her skin back to normal. Pomega 5 healing cream was applied twice daily to her red areas. In as little as two weeks, her skin was completely restored. Punicic acid targets the source of what stimulates the redness and burning, helping little Emily sleep better at night, be happier during the day, and enjoy less frequency and severity of skin flares.



Sheila is a patient who suffers rosacea, and has exhibited significant clearance with the use of Pomega products.



It is impossible for me to recommend the Healing Cream highly enough. One of my best friends just got a second and first degree burn and was using something the doctor recommended which was doing diddly squat, so I gave her some and within three days it was way down the track to being recovered - needless to say, she’s a total convert. I love, love, LOVE this product.

Emma, Texas

I have never been very discriminating about soaps, except for avoiding the standard super market brands. Since I received a bar of the Pomega soap, I use it exclusively. I give it as business gifts and all of the recipients rave about it. I also use the Revitalizing ampoules on my face. I have a few spots of dry skin that I used to treat with cortisone cream. Now the pomegranate oil does the job.

Alan, CA

Since the time I had acne as a teenager, I have been unfortunate to have large pores. Over the years, I have tried many different products, some very expensive, but nothing really made any significant difference. After using Pomega Healing Cream for a couple of months, I was totally taken aback one morning when studying my face a little more closely. My pores had dramatically shrunk. I couldn't believe it! I have recommended this product to all my friends.

Chris, Canada

I was hesitant to try the Pomega Cleansing Bar; I had not used a bar of soap on my face since I was twelve years old. Wow, was I surprised at how wonderful it was! It was so creamy and non-drying. The Pomega Cleansing Bar takes make-up off better than anything I have ever used. I wash around my eyes and it doesn't sting. I highly recommend Pomega to anyone who is looking for high quality products that really work.

Holly, CA

After trying various over-the-counter and prescription creams, I started using Pomega5 to control my rosacea, and after using it regularly for a few weeks I could see a noticeable difference. Not only was it more effective, but it felt and smelled much better than the other synthetic products, and I also felt much better knowing that it was all natural – that I wasn’t lathering on all kinds of chemicals onto my skin.

Lyuba, CA

Before I started using Pomega I had problem skin with constant breakouts. I never knew when I would have clear skin or not. As soon as I started using Pomega the effects were immediate. I took three caps of the Pure Pomegranate Seed Oil supplements per day and applied the Healing Cream to my face every morning and night. My skin is now completely clear with absolutely no scarring. In fact, old scars have actually lightened. I've tried everything from TV ads to over the counter medicines and nothing worked until I started using Pomega.

Dennis, CA

For decades, I’ve suffered acute pain from keloids that formed from a scar leftover from a surgery. I tried every oil, every scar ointment, gel, cream, you name it, but nothing took away the pain and redness. Then I tried Pomega5, and wow! The Revitalizing Treatment for Skin in conjunction with the Healing Cream have miraculously stopped the pain and minimized the swelling. Many thanks to Pomega5 for making such a wonderful product with the best integrity of ingredients and without chemicals. .

Margaret, NV

I was skeptical when I read that this cleanser was made according to an ancient formula based in antiquity. But I’m telling you, and I know people don’t like to be told, this one is the Holy Grail of cleansers. To me, Pomega 5 is a food-like cleanser. So natural, it’s like washing with water alone. My skin doesn’t break out anymore.

Robert, IL

I had acne for 16 years and tried everything - spironalactane, chlindomycin, and many skincare products. I had so much scarring from the cystic acne, I feared nothing would ever help me. I would cry when I would wash my face or even when I applied moisturizer. My face was so tender. I literally hid my face from the mirror and even from my husband. My skin looked as if it was peeling off from the psoriasis! I was so ashamed! Until… Pomega5 brought healing to my skin, but ultimately to my life! Now, my skin has said bye-bye acne, psoriasis, and redness, and hello beautiful! You know the best thing, I feel beautiful! Pomega5 products have so influenced my life that when I am an esthetician I will only use Pomega5 on my clients.

Zalina, CO

The Pomega 5 beauty products are simply incredible. They are a complete pick-me-up with their amazing scents, silky textures, and 100% organic ingredients. All these products smell amazing, feel amazing, and really live up to their name. They are the oil of life.

Phoebe, CA